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To do list!

1st Week of School:

BACK TO SCHOOL! I didn’t get enough sleep because I was “EXCITED?” Lol. Anyway, I got to CSB early. REALLY EARLY. I think that was around 7AM? Class starts at 8. So I accompanied my sister(PAU) and showed her where her first class was. Around 7:30, I went up to my classroom. I got there and there were like only 7 of us? It was 7:45 already. Then our professor arrived. ☹ NOOOOO! Patrick was late, btw. :| :)) First class: BUSLAWS. Yeah. Law Subject.. On a Monday.. + EARLY IN THE MORNING! Hello headache!? After our first class, we were really having a hard time on deciding where to go. B.R.E.A.K…. MY BREAK… 8 hrs.. What the hell am I supposed to do with that 8 hours?! Anyway.. We went to Robinsons Place Manila. ☺ Timezone: Played Maxi Tune, Ate at Piadina, and Watched a Movie: What to Expect When You’re Expecting. We finished everything around 3:00PM. We went back to CSB because his class will start at 4:20PM. I waited for him in Plaza V. I was so ALONE. After 123456 years… Its finally 6PM. Hahahaha! PROGAP3. Hello torture ☹ Had a recitation and our prof announced that he will be giving us a quiz on Wednesday about the previous topics (PROGAP1&2).     WTH. NO!   

Week#1….. :| SO MANY SCHOOL WORKS… :< Huhuhu.

12 more weeks to go before 3 YEAR, 1st Term/7th Term ends!

Speaking of… Time flies too fast. I’m a JUNIOR already! ._. Yikes! I’m old. ☹ 3 more terms then… YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS…. Graduatation!! I’m too young to graduate. ☹ 

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Summer Love ♥ (PART 2)

Okay, so as promised. Patrick and I would go swimming this summer break. Mehehehe! :”) So we did!! \:D/ YAY!


"Gone Wild For A While" Fringe Top - Bershka; Pink Maong Shorts w/ Gray Belt - H&M; Floral Sunnies - ForeverXXI; Assorted Bangles - H&M

He went to my house around 2:30PM. He was late (AS USUAL, HAHAHAHA >:D< He was suppose to be here around 12:30)

I cooked lunch for him! :> Baked Amatriciana Spaghetti (Tomatoes + Bacon)! Yummyy + it’s easy to make! :) My sister also made Cheese Enchilladas for him and heated Pizza.


After eating we sat and made so much kwentos (HE WAS SO TALKATIVE, AS USUAL. LOL) Around 3:30PM we went out and started walking. We decided to take a trike in going to the clubhouse because it was too hot. When we arrived there, we looked for a nice place to sit and then we fixed up! Hihihi.



HAHAHAHA Yay for tan lines♥

We had so much fun! ♥♥♥ Awesome Bonding Experience! We shall do this again! :)

On our way home, I showed him the way to Manang’s Food House/Cart. :) Yummy Siomai, Kwekkwek, BBQ, and Sago’t Gulaman. We didn’t eat there though.

When we got home, photo booth with mahh sister!


HAHAHA, 6th picture! =)) Pau’s funny face. :))

Patrick’s showing off again. >:D< LOLJK, 

He ate dinner here then we made kwento then around 9PM he went home! ♥

Day well spent!!! ♥♥♥♥

* Late Blog Post. May 9, 2012

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Summer Love ♥ (PART 1)

Even though I wasn’t able to spend my whole summer with him (Because I spent almost half of my Summer in Japan) , we enjoyed every second that we were together. 

For our 14th Month: I woke up around 7AM because I was going to ride with my mom, so I stayed in her office while I wait for the mall(Greenbelt) to open. I went to the salon around 10AM (MEHEHEHE, of course, I have to look good.. LOLJk, I got my hair done: Hair Treatment, Cello Treatment, and Hair Cut @Hairworks Salon, In front of Greenbelt 5) and finished around 12:30. :) I then texted Patrick that I was done with my “business” lol, and that I was on my way to Timezone (WHERE HE WAITED). We immediately went to Glorietta to buy Movie TIckets for American Pie. And then we couldn’t decide where to eat. I suggested TGIF. On our way to the restaurant, we saw Saisaki, and then I asked him if he wanted to eat there. (COZ I REALLY WANTED SUSHI, lol) He told me that he was okay with it, so we ate there! :)

We enjoyed the Japanese Buffet <3 Sushi, Sushi, Sushi, Sashimi, All Kinds of Tempura, Teppanyaki, etc. 

+ We got free Stuff Toys for ordering Drinks! :) 

Thank you for the Lunch + Movie Treat, babe! 

After eating we went straight to the Movie House and upon entering the Movie House, the Security Guard asked us how old we were. =)) Patrick answered first, “Kuya, 19 po.” And then the Kuya Guard asked me, “Kayo po mam?” then I answered, “Uhh, 18.” And then he said, “Anong year po kayo pinanganak?” Then Patrick answered for me, “1993.” And then the Guard said “Siya po dapat sumagot” And then I said, “Kuya, gusto nyo po ID na lang?” And then the guard replied, “Sige po, mas okay po yun” So I showed him my Students License =)) HAHAHA! We look young for American Pie! :) (COMPLIMENT! LOL)

It was so hilarious! =)) HAHAHAHAHA And kinda.. Well, you know.. It is American Pie! =))

After watching the movie, I treated Patrick in Timezone! :) Heehee! We played Basketball, Stacker, Maximum Tune (Okay, I’m getting addicted with this game), and Jewella (Photo booth). :)


Jewella Photo booth Pictures

After TImezone, I told him that I’d also treat him ice cream!! So I brought him to my fave Ice Cream Place, Cold Rock!!! :)


I ordered: Tia Maria with Cookie Dough, and Nutella || He ordered: Tia Maria with Cookie Dough. Nomnomnom! 

We really had an awesome time! :) We spent half an hour in Cold Rock, taking pictures and catching up! ♥ 

Thank you for making 050712, an amazing day, Patrick! ♥ I love you so much! I am looking forward in spending more days, months, and years with you! :)

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366 Days and Counting :)

My Anniversary Gift for Patrick! :”> 

Hihihihi. This shows how much I love him && how much I love to doodle! \:D/


Thank you for the 366 days <3 :”>

Belated Happy 1st Anniversary, Patrick Louis D Garcia. >:D< I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!